Saturday, September 22, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, September 22, 1012

Yes, there was a blog posted last Sunday morning and it seemed as all was good and well here on the farm.  I had worked the blog last Friday and left a few holes to quickly fill in and post.  Before the blog was posted the farmer fell under the farm.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday came and went I think.  I started saying I need to get moving on Tuesday because I was here by myself and the flock needed to be fed.  After getting to the chicken coop it was a necessary act for me to sit down and rest.  It became a fact, taking care of the flock was a challenge.  I have never missed a night,  except here and there of putting them to bed.  From last Saturday thru this Friday, 7 days in a row I did not put my girls to bed.  If there would not have been help from Mr. Bootsie I would not have made it and I am afraid I may have lost some of my girls.  He watered, cleaned the coop and fed, these are things he never did, he always stood aside and let me take care of my girls.  The fever broke on Wednesday but by this time I had little to eat or drink.  I was afraid of food.  Now,  I know those of you who know me are laughing.  The farm came off the farmer Friday sometime and things have been getting better every hour.

Some the best medication in the world arrived on Saturday afternoon, the wee folk showed up and spend the afternoon, along with their Mom.  I did not tell her what a week I had been through because we had a wonderful visit and I was so very happy having them with us.

This week there will be no IN THE KITCHEN because I did nothing, I will tell you there is no homemade bread left in this house.   If my daughter had not wanted to go the garden I would be able to say this is the first time I had not been to the garden in a week.  Oh, yes, Mr. Bootsie picked eggplants and peppers for her.  She returned lots of egg cartons and left with more eggs for the family.  They are dining on an omelet, this Sunday, made with duck eggs.  Seed garlic was waiting to be opened and she was given a handful of nice heads.  ON THE FARM and IN THE GARDEN I have no reports because I have not spent anytime in either place this week.


Rooster management is still going on and I do not know what I am doing.  And this week, I really did not care as long as all were safe and I managed to end the week with the same amount of birds I started the week with.  I was seeing some social issues when I put them to bed last night.  Momma needs to get things under control.

We collected 29 chicken eggs and 5 duck eggs.  Two of the oldest birds are still molting and some of the cochins are loosing feathers.  I have seen no eggs from the new little girls.  I think they are still a little young.


I never wanted to use this as a platform to let you know that I could ask for a sick day.  I went to school for 9 years and never missed a day.  I worked in the workplace and did not use sick days. The one thing I could not do was fake what we might have done on the farm last week.  Maybe,  not write a post for the week which did not happen, NO.   So, after much thought I decided, I am human and sometimes the body needs a rest.  I know I will be back in few days doing something I should be asking help with, and in the mean time, I have been propping up my feet in front of the fire place out on the porch and enjoying the wealth I have acquired over the years.  My precious daughter and her  husband, 2 wonderful wee folks, Mr. Bootsie who takes more crap and slaps in the face than any human being should be exposed to, and this wonderful place we call home.

After my being under the farm for 1 week it is still here and doing better than I would have expected.  You see, I was shown they watch and are willing to help, just ask and see how quick they take over.  The most important thing I realized is I cannot do everything, directions will be changing some next year and some of our goals are going to be altered.

Saturday morning, yesterday, I heard a grumble from Mr. Bootsie, "She must be feeling better, she has started being b!t@+y again."  I really think he was glad to hear how something did not please me.  I AM ON TOP OF THE FARM and I am so Thankful.

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