Saturday, September 1, 2012

Triple Creek Farm, September 1, 2012

This week was a four day week for me.  The days Mr. Bootsie is home I do not accomplish quite as much because we have breakfast in the morning and I have a shorter day. When I am here by myself,  I will grab a piece of toast,  a bowl of cereal, fruit, leftovers or what is quick and easy. I do enjoy having breakfast and planning our day, it just starts a little later.  There seems to be quite a number of days off in the fall for Mr. Bootsie and I do look forward to the many things we will get done.  I have a list for him and I am sure he will (not) be pleased.


I have been using the spinach from the garden and made quiches and pizza.  I am freezing more spinach and drying it, also.  Enjoying the potatoes, made creamed, which were just like the ones I remember growing up, and baked some, which were served with butter and sour cream.   We are learning how to use the harvest and not waste the rewards of our hard work.

I use the kefir milk in all of the quiches and creamed potatoes.  I do work the kefir every 2 days as I like the flavor of the the 2 day ferment.  I do not let the grains get large, I remove them when I feel a need.  Large grains ferment quicker.


Mr. Bootsie spent Monday brush cutting,  this a project which will never end.  I have come to the decision we have a yarden and this has taken away some of the need to get things done for me.  A yarden can look bushy and have a mixture of things.  We live in the country and have lots of butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and all sorts of birds which I do not want to discourage.  I love having the natural areas where they can come and feed.


I thought we had two of the big girls through molting and after laying 4 or 5 eggs they decided they would rather molt and they are doing it again.  Some of the little girls are looking quite rough.  So last week was just a break in the action.  There are hens molting.

The month of August I collected 163 eggs.  Back in March 207 eggs were collected.  The weather and the molting has really effected the number of eggs.  This past week 38 eggs were gathered.


Some of the crops are winding down.  Started picking the late beans, these will be added to the  other beans we have been picking.  Cleaning beds and getting ready for the fall planting of lettuce and radishes.  I am watering again as the weather is changing daily, hot to normal to hot.

Potting the winter tomatoes for the greenhouse, have several different type of basil rooted and potted.   I take cutting of the plants I bring in for the winter.  Except for the cucumbers,  I planted seeds for a greenhouse cucumber.  This is my second winter for tomatoes and the first winter for any of the other plants.  I am learning what will work in my greenhouse.  I hope this will be a good year.


I do hate to see the garden starting to look as if it is going to sleep.  Some of the flowers and herbs are also doing the same thing.  I need to remember everything needs to rest and maybe now is the time for me to think about a little off time.  After moving here, I have not thought about myself, I had this drive to get things done before I was not able to do these projects.  I have tried to do as much as possible by myself not asking for any help.  I think this year has bought me to the realization  I cannot do it all be myself.    If I want to see this farm making progress  I must slow down and "Smell the Roses".

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