Saturday, April 6, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, April 6, 2013

This has been one of those weeks where we stayed busy and I really do not see where a lot was accomplished.  The weather has tried a little bit of everything from plants freezing in the cold tunnel one day and as hot as a sauna 2 days later.  As I have said, I as learning about the tunnel and this week has been a wonderful experience.  Plants will freeze without extra protection at 27 degrees.  The cold frame is, also, 27 degrees for plants to freeze.  I was lucky as I only lost a few plants.  The bulk of what I have started is in the house under grow lights and in the heated greenhouse.


The pots and pans were not rattling in the kitchen,  I think we had some leftovers, a salad with our lettuce.  I did make some soup, asparagus and brie, this is an easy to make soup.  I came in at 7:15 and our meal was on the table at 8:00 and I had not prepped anything.  If any of you are interested in the recipe let me know and I will post the recipe.


Mr. Bootsie has been busy cleaning up the damage trees.  I use downed trees to border my flower beds, many of the borders need to be replaced this year and he has been working on this.  I really like the natural look and we have so many trees which are down on the forest floor.  This project of clearing the floor is going to be lasting for a long time.  I looked out one day and he had his truck, my tractor and another piece of equipment not wanting to start.  An afternoon charging batteries, but he is learning he can go and do something else while he is waiting for the batteries to charge.

It happened this week, the ladies all 4 of them are PLAYING together.  They are running up and down the goat walk, playing goat on the mountain and Gracie really does not want me to catch her playing.  Once afternoon I stood far away,  watched and I was pleased to see them enjoy each other.  I have hoped this would happen.  I found them all sleeping in the pasture very close together, finally I will not be concerned about the ladies as much when I am away for a while.


Things are good in the coop, goats settled down so I have to do something to keep me on my toes.  I now have 1 hen setting.  She is a cochin and has 5 eggs under her.  4 days complete 17 more to go.


None of the outside crops have come up.  I am still working the cold tunnel, greenhouse and cold frame.  I did plants beets, radishes and finished planting peas this week.  The bedding plants are coming on strong.  Next week the weather looks real good and I should be able to get somethings moved around.  I have brussel sprouts starting to make little sprouts, in the cold tunnel.  I picked kale this week, plenty of spinach and lettuce waiting to be harvested.  By plenty, I mean enough for us to eat.


We, folks who live in the country always enjoy when the city folk come to visit even though some of the city folk grew up in the country.  It was a wonderful pleasure to have some of my family come out and send Saturday morning with us.  I collect old bricks, and love the ones with names on them.  I have some interesting additions to my collection,  Many Thanks to the City Folks.  Now I need to see where I am going to use these in the greenhouse floor.  They gave me one from where I grew up.  It doesn't  get any more special than that.