Saturday, April 13, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, April 13, 2013

The summer arrived earlier this week, high 80's and one day 90.  It was like days in June.  We let everyone stay out until dark because it was too hot inside the coops and barn to keep them shut up.  There was another adjustment with our life style.  Feed the animals, then the humans and return to close up the coops and barn at dark.  The ladies were loving the extra time out and the girls had put themselves to bed each night when we returned.  That is the one thing I love about how I run the farm.  They know the schedule and they do cooperate with me.  Hopefully the weather will return to spring but whatever conditions we have I will adjust accordingly.


Fresh from the garden, broccoli, kale, pac choi, spinach and spring onions.  The onions are headed to the dehydrator to make green onion powder, flakes and add to salads.

I dehydrated about 2 quarts this week.  I am already storing for next winter.


Mr. Bootsie is busy enlarging the play ground for the goats.  They have lots of fun on the bench, one will get in the middle, and the others will run around on the bench and ground, then someone else is in the middle.

Several months ago I shared with you the Eagle had landed.  Since then, we have seen Big Bird feeding very near our property, this was a real treat.  She was a female and actually on the ground having a picnic.  We were very close to her but in a car.  The bird did not stop eating her delicious meal.  The symbol of America was not the eagle I was thinking of when I wrote it had landed.  In fact. we are repurposing the engine covers of larger trucks and one is called Eagle.  They have become run-ins for the goats and how they love playing and jumping on them.  These were a real find.  When we found them I was thinking chicken coops but I think we found a much better way to use them.


Things are going well in the coop. Today is day 11, we may check the eggs if anyone is brave enough to move our little hen.  She was up eating one day and we did an egg count, she was set with 5 and 5 were still there.  Someone has decided to start eating an egg from the nesting boxes.  I am not sure who it is and it does not happen on a regular basis.  I just hate finding sticky eggs in the nest boxes.


This morning, I found tiny little beets and a couple of potatoes just coming out of the ground.  Earlier this week the snow peas, blue podded peas and radishes came through the soil.  I have pulled all of the pac choi, spinach is coming out, the heat has caused some to bolt.

My leek bed was 7 years old and needed to be replaced.  Mr. Bootsie to the rescue, I am pleased to have this nice raised bed for the leeks.  I like the height as you hill the leeks to get the long white root portion.  With a bed like this one, I can just add in some additional compose, sure makes taking care of the leeks easy.


I am on such a high, I purchased some white corn so we can have corn on the cob.  This means the weather is getting warmer to the south.  Someone in South Carolina saw a hummingbird this week, which means they are headed this way or may already be here just not on my farm.  Today, the butterfly were showing up on the farm.  Birds are building nests in the hanging baskets,  trees and anywhere else they wish to call home.  The yellow dandelion is blooming, weed, wild flower or vegetable, I have one duck who gets excited to see my coming to the duck run with them. I keep hearing about a quiche made with the greens.  And I thought the only thing you did with the dandelion was when it turned white and fluffy it was time to blow the seeds away. I guess I will never get too old to stop learning.