Sunday, April 21, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, April 20, 2013

Busy, busy, busy getting the garden planted, working on the herb garden, taking care of the flower beds.  I am so pleased there is no (I mean no) grass to mow.  The hill our house is socked into would be a mowing nightmare and I prefer ground covers.  I enjoy the wildflowers and now the violets are blooming everywhere.  Many of the gardeners I know call wildflowers weeds, but I say if they are in the wildflower books they are wildflowers.  I do not talk about the flowers a lot but they are in my blood.  My mother grew for florist industry.  I have worked on the vegetable garden much harder than I have worked on the flowers, I am hoping I will have a little time to start working on flowers as I have an extra pair of hands to help.


Our evening meal every other day this week has been a salad.  With fresh lettuce and spinach coming in from the garden we are trying to enjoy the fruits of our labor,  I always say why plant it if you are not going to use it.


This week all of the interest was put into the garden.


Saturday afternoon, Mr. Bootsie came to tell me there ware trouble in the coop and he did not know what to day.  We have a cochin setting and one of the eggs was broken.  When he opened the door little Momma hen went outside and he could not get her.  The girl was caught and put back with her eggs and now she is setting on them.  She has only 4 eggs at this time.  Tuesday, will tell the answer to this journey,  I am not sure she is doing a good job.


The garden we have is worked entirely by hand.  The tools are shovels, hoes and rakes.  Installing the garden is quite a challenge in the spring. I prefer to have the garden this way.  I do not work a bed until I am going to plant in it.  I have always believed that the spring blows, blow away the top soil.  This way I turn, work the land, fed the land, cover with a thin layer of mulch and then it is ready to plant.  Planting day seeds or plants go in quickly.  Everything we have planted this year is mulched as soon as it is tall enough.  We added another layer to the onions and garlic after they were hoed.  The potatoes are coming up cabbage plants were put in more beets and radishes were planted.


It has been a tough week, Boston, Mass and West, Texas made our hearts heavy.  But, this weekend, we had the wee folks come and they took all of these things away for a few hours.    Life became the simple life I enjoy.  We needed the break, to think about other things.  Saturday, we went over to Orange, Va. and spent the day.  The morning, on a farm enjoying the shearing of their alpacas, we did learn quite a lot. If you should get a chance to see an alpaca sheared you should go.  It is not like shearing a sheep.  No, I will not be adding alpacas to our farm.