Sunday, April 28, 2013

Triple Creek Farm, April 27, 2013

I, like you, read blogs or posts of others.  This week a post on making Violet Blossom Jelly really caught my interest.  You know, those little purple flowers, oh, I mean weeds that grow in your yard and should be dug up and killed.  Shared this recipe with Mr. Bootsie only to find him in our violet laded woods collecting blooms.  I learned a great lesson, this is good tasting, a lovely color which will brighten up any morning when you are down needing a lift, but once again we have found a use for something many others are throwing away. A little research tells me the leaves can be used as a salad green.  This being earth day this past Monday I thought it was only fitting to say we are doing are part to save the earth.


Things are quiet in the kitchen as the jelly was about the only project this week.  Making the jelly reminded me, I need to organize the pantry.  So this will go on my calendar for the next rainy day.


Mr. Bootsie is clearing out brush as he takes everything to the goats to gleam the green leaves.  This is helping to open up new land as well as giving the goats the roughage they need to eat.  I took all 4 of the girls out to work in the woods the other afternoon.  They did wonderful, no leads and they stayed in a group walking with me.  All of a sudden they turned and started heading back to the barn.  When we arrived Mr. Bootsie had their evening meal ready for them.  They went into the barn without any issues.  This was the first really good day taking them all out together.  I will be doing more of this in the future.


Just like clockwork, the little peeps were born on Tuesday.  We now have 2 little ones,  they were not the little yellow chicks everyone thinks of. They were dark grey.  Our little momma hen is doing a wonderful job taking care of her babies.  Aurora, who hatched chicks last year, has been staying close to the brooder box.  Letting me know we have upscaled since last year.  I am wondering if she is going to want to hatch some chicks this year.  If you are missing the egg count just check the egg production page at the top of the blog.


Garden is really coming together.  Most of the early garden is installed, with a promise of rain on Monday and Tuesday.  Peas are starting to climb, radishes and beets growing.  Potatoes need to have more soil pulled up on them.  Strawberries are blooming, raspberries and blackberries are growing.  Blackberry winter will be coming shortly, that is about the last cold snap and it comes when the blackberries are blooming.  I need to start a few more seeds and up pot some things I have in starter pots.  I like a strong root so I try not to plant from the starter pots.  I think the plants have a better chance of surviving the temperature changes spring brings us each year.


Saturday, we planned to go to a Garden Festival,  the Powhatan-Goochland Master Gardeners presented the fair.  The location was the campus of J. Sargeant Reynolds, Goochland, I must say I was impressed.  There were vendors who sold plants, master gardeners had some interesting selections, and the horticultural department offered a selection of very different plants, as well as bedding plants. Everything looked very well maintained, the prices were very affordable and yes, this will be on my calendar for next spring or anytime I hear there is a sale at the campus.  We supported local groups, helped the school clean out the greenhouse and brought home some treasures.  This was a great ending for our week, now on to next week, who knows what that will bring!!!